Apps Verification

Hello! Our app has recently passed functional review, but I haven’t received any kind of confirmation from the TDD I submitted. From what I can see the review is still in progress and we don’t see all checkboxes not have we received any communication. I tried to engage with the security team via support but was directed here.
I was just wanting to follow up since this is making testing our Zoom integration close to impossible. Can you provide an update on the status? Is there anything outstanding for us to do? I’ve provided the instructions for testing.

Lastly, we have a company in our production environment ( called Is this the domain you will be testing with? If so we can enable it.
I’ll be happy to discuss any questions you might have further and/or meet if necessary.
Thank you!


@Samuel1 Can I please have the name of the App your referring to so I can check the status.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku,
The apps in question are the two apps we have listed on Zoom marketplace:
Prelude - Formerly Interview Schedule - User App
Prelude - Formerly Interview Schedule

Hello @Samuel1 both Apps were approved on February 17th, those were for the TDD Updates. and the testing is done functionally using that is correct.

Regards, Kwaku

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