How to check status of app security review?

Hello! Our app recently passed functional review, but I haven’t received any kind of confirmation from the TDD I submitted. The Google Doc still has a checkmark under “Awaiting TDD Submission”.

We have a large customer who is very excited to start using our new Zoom integration, and they are asking for the status or timelines.

Is there any way that you could confirm the status of our security review? The customer is wanting to use the application ASAP, so we’re trying to set proper expectations.

The production client ID of our app is:

Thank you!

Hi @Samuel1,

If your app has already undergone its functional review, you should receive an update from our Marketplace Security team soon—however, please note that this team is currently experiencing a heavy volume of Marketplace Apps to review.

For submissions which have passed the Functional review and are passed to Security review, the expected review/response time is ~2 weeks. Once your app is actively being reviewed, please expect an update from the team in 24-48 hours (not including weekend hours). Please ensure that you have included the mandatory Technical Design Document (TDD) in your submission and that your app reflects the “Submitted” status from your Marketplace dashboard. If both of these have been completed, there shouldn’t be any further action required by you.

In order to focus on the queue, the review team will not be responding/replying to requests for updates at this time. They will aim to provide an update over the coming weeks once the volume has stabilized. Our hope is that this is a temporary volume and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation with us as we work to address this increase.

Thank you for understanding,

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