Are there any restrictions on using Chrome Origin Trial?

I used Chrome Origin Trial on my website to solve the problem of “blank screen for self video” in chrome 93+ browser. My friends and I had no problems during the test. But the user who visits my website and the friends around him still can’t see their video.

Does Chrome Origin Trial have any restrictions on people in some areas?

The SDK is “@zoomus/websdk”: “^2.0.1”.

I come from a non-English speaking country and my English is not good. Sorry.

Greetings, @whitest,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help! Great questions – the behavior you are seeing is likely due to the changing internet policies. More in-depth details on that subject can be found here:

That aside, can you share what browser version was used by the visiting user ? This will help to inform if the behavior you are seeing is related to Chrome 93 Breaking Changes for Web Meeting/Video SDK.

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Thank you very much, @donte.zoom .

Sorry for the late reply, because recently I’ve tried to use Cross-Domain Isolation to solve this problem.

I saw this passage:

Not all origin trials are supported in all geographical regions.

I’m not sure if this will affect users when using Chrome Origin Trial.

Besides, I use Vue2.x on my website. The history route mode would prevent the server from being requested when jumping to the meeting page. So when I entered the meeting page, I didn’t use router.push(), but This allows the meeting page and other pages to use different cross-domain policies.
I hope it can be helpful to the development of Vue or React.

My bad English :rofl:


Hey @whitest,

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m not aware of any regional restrictions with the origin trials that we require so you should be all set there but please do reach out if you encounter any issues.

Thanks for sharing what worked for you with Vue as well!


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