Are those functions possible?

Hi there. We are going to ask someone to help us develop a App on Windows based on SDK demo App.
Are these functions possible?:

  1. Fill in the SDK and SDKsecret automaticly. And save the username and password when I login at the first time.
  2. After loged in my account, join the default meeting with my personal meeting ID.
  3. Adapt two screens automaticly.

Which version?
Any up to dated version.

Hi dawson,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Regarding your questions:

  1. As long as you store the SDK key & secret in the AuthParam( object and pass it to SDKAuth, it will work. We are collecting the SDK key & secret from the UI in the demo since we do not recommend hard coding keys and secrets(or any personal information) in your application. Please see our disclaimer:

The LoginParam class has a boolean value called “bRememberMe”, once you set that to be true, it will save the login session.

  1. If you would like the user to join a pre-scheduled meeting or personal meeting, you can pass the meeting number to joinParam4NormalUser(, and then join the meeting.
  2. You can enable dual screen mode by referring to the implementation:

Hope this helps. Thanks!