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We are building a mobile app as well as desktop application for one of the project and we need to integrate video/chat integration in both side.

But when I tried to integrate windows application I am not able to integrate it in winform application which we are going to develop in c#.

We want to develop similar application like zoom windows client which you are providing. But we want to integrate zoom windows client functions in our own winform c# application instead of using separate application for video meeting.

Also we want only join meeting function in winform application. Always instant meeting initiate from android app. and winform application going to join meeting.

Let us know the best possible way of integrating zoom video/chat service in our own windows desktop application.

Thank you


All Zoom SDKs don’t have contacts lists and chat functionality.

You can take a look at the C# wrapper :


Hi Wei,

Thanks for the link. I have gone through the C# wrapper and I am able to Join the meeting with meeting Id. 

There is couple of cases which i want to clear.

  1. Case 1: Right now I have start meeting from ios zoom application. and use that meetingid to join from the Desktop SDK. But in real time this is not going to happen. What i want is if i start calling from mobile app using mobile sdk it will trigger the accept & decline button in windows sdk. It will be great if you guide on it?

  2. Case 2: As of now each of our meeting will going to be one to one. From mobileSDK to windowsSDK. How can we come to know which windowsSDK user is online? Suppose we have 20 windowsSDK users. In that we want to call the first online user on WindowsSDK from mobileSDK. How can we achieve it? Which type of meeting we need to use? Instant meeting?

  3. Case 3: If I am in meeting with another user then from mobileSDK I do not want that user listed as available for meeting.

  4. Here is the sample code which i have updated to login the user.


public void onAuthenticationReturn(AuthResult ret)         {             if (ZOOM\_SDK\_DOTNET\_WRAP.AuthResult.AUTHRET\_SUCCESS == ret)             {                 LoginParam loginParam = new LoginParam();                 LoginParam4Email param4email = new LoginParam4Email();                 param4email.userName = "";                 param4email.password = "abcdxyz";                 param4email.bRememberMe = true;                 loginParam.loginType = LoginType.LoginType\_Email;                 loginParam.emailLogin = param4email;                 SDKError error = ZOOM\_SDK\_DOTNET\_WRAP.CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetAuthServiceWrap().Login(loginParam);                 //MessageBox.Show("Auth Success");             }             else//error handle.todo             {                 //MessageBox.Show("Auth Failed");                 Show();             }         }

I have added the user login code after sdk success. I am able to get the success in SnippetonLoginRet functions as well and i am getting the user name using GetDisplayname().  But is it going to update the status of online? And how can i fulfill above requirements.

Looking forward to hear from you. 

Thank you



Hi Dharmik,

Currently you can not check contacts presence and call contacts if you are using Zoom SDK.