Assert failed: g_pConfUI

Every once in a while it seems like my app crashes randomly with the message:] Assert failed: g_pConfUI

I googled this error and it seems like other users have experienced this with the Zoom SDK starting in December 2018

This seems to happen when I get rid of my view, so possibly there is a delegate method trying to call the view and it can’t find it in memory? I’m going to try setting delegate to nil on viewDidDisappear and see if it keeps happening.

Which version?
I’m using the latest version of the SDK

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Not sure, seems to happen randomly

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPad
  • OS: latest 12.3.1

Additional context
I’m using Custom Meeting Views

Hi oderza,
Thanks for the post and pardon the inconvenience caused by this crash. Would you mind providing the full SDK log and the .crash log? You can enable the log feature and get the log by following the doc: