Assigned scheduler getting "Not assigned scheduler" error when changing host using update meeting API

We recently encountered this weird issue where our assigned scheduler account gets a “Not assigned scheduler” error when updating meeting host to another zoom account through Zoom API.

“code”: 1110,
“message”: “Not assigned scheduler.”

What we are trying to achieve is to transfer a Zoom host from 1 teacher account to another teacher account so they can have access to the polling feature without changing the zoom meeting link.

We realized that Teacher A has to have scheduling rights for Teacher B before we can do a patch to transfer host to Teacher B. But we can’t have every teacher having scheduling rights for every other teacher because that will be to messy.

So to achieve this we have a main scheduling account as a bridge to all Teacher Accounts:

  • Teacher A transfer to Main Scheduling Account
  • Main Scheduling Account transfer to Teacher B

So in this case our scheduling privileges are configured as follows:

  • All Teachers have scheduling rights for Main Scheduling Account
  • Main Scheduling Account has scheduling rights for all Teachers

In our tests this works, but when we try to use it for some live meetings created previously it failed.
The first transfer to main scheduling account worked, but the transfer out to teacher B account failed.
So now the meeting is parked at our main scheduling account.

All accounts have already been assigned paid licences.

We are using:

  • JWT App
  • PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}
  • “schedule_for” to update host

I’ve already contacted support on 3 June 2020 via zoom chat, but haven’t got a solution for this problem yet. We need to get this feature working by 10 June 2020.

Really appreciate if someone can help us solve this asap.



Are you using an account level OAuth App or JWT App?

If so, you can schedule meetings for users without going through the schedule_for flow. (Unless you need to schedule all meetings before assigning them to a host).

As for the schedule for issue, it sounds like you are saying on the second schedule for call it fails. There could be a limitation on how many times you can switch the host.

Live meetings as in meetings that are currently running?

I would suggest scheduling the meeting in the first place to the scheduling account, and then change the host once. Or schedule the meeting for the host the first time.


Hi Tommy,

We are using JWT App.

We have no problems scheduling new meetings for our teachers. We currently schedule them directly via API without using the schedule_for flow.

Live meetings as in the meetings are already scheduled and recurring weekly, not currently running.

I don’t think it’s a switching limit. After further testing, we found that although the meeting shows host as our scheduling account, when we add scheduling rights for Teacher A to Teacher B directly the API works.

So it seems like the meeting still follows the original host’s scheduling privileges although it doesn’t show them as the host of the meeting.

We tried that at first, but there’s a 100 request per user limit for the API. On start of school term we create thousands of meetings for the entire term via API, so it doesn’t work for us. We will have to split the task across the entire month if we want to do this.

Currently, we did a work around to delete the old meeting and create a new one in place of it instead and update our system with the new zoom meeting details. But it would be a lot cleaner if we can have a fixed meeting link for a class and assign the host accordingly when teachers come and go.


Hi sorry to back up here with an overly-simple suggestion, but have you tried assigning Alternate Hosts for a meeting if the feature you’re trying to enable is polling access? You can assign alternative_hosts in the settings object of the meeting (Create or Update)

Hi Michael,

We tried that, but somehow alternative host are not able to create polls. A zoom consultant told us that this was a system limitation for alternative host at the moment.




Feel free to reach out to, they will be able to better assist about alternative hosts being able to create polls.