Changing meeting host via API

Let’s say meeting1 is created for user1. Then it is updated to the user2 via schedule_for, all good till now but when we try to change the meeting1 host again to user3, it’s not working even though user3 has scheduling privileges for user1.

Is it because user3 does not have scheduling privileges for user2? If so, how do we know the meeting’s current host?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @doublepithre,

It is most likely because user2 does not have scheduling privileges for user3.


Hi Tommy,

Yes, correct. How do we know that we have to give scheduling privileges to user2 so that they can schedule for user3 based on the current meeting? It’s not returned in the meeting get call.

How to identify the current meeting host after the transfer? ( So, how do we know that user2 is the current host for the meeting after the transfer, it’s not in the meeting info response)

@tommy I noticed that even if user2 has scheduling privileges for user3, user2 is unable to transfer the meeting.

Does user1 should also have scheduling privileges for user3 to do this?

Hey @doublepithre,

Good thought, go ahead and try that. Although it could be the case that you can only use the schedule for once.


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