Create meetings gives : {"code":1110,"message":"Not assigned scheduler."}

I am trying to implement zoom integration in my java web application. I am successfully getting zoom access token , refresh token and all., But when try to create meeting using{emailAddress}/meetings it gives me response :

{“code”:1110,“message”:“Not assigned scheduler.”}

Can anybody help me in this. I am trying to solve this since 2-3 days.

Interesting, that error code is not on the documentation:

If I were to guess, “Not assigned scheduler” sounds like the user doesn’t have permissions to schedule for the other user. Make sure that the API token is for an admin user and that if you are filling in “schedule_for” that they have the schedule permission for the other account. You should probably not include “schedule_for” unless you have to do something with schedule permission.

Hello Rahul

I hope this helps everybody who has the same issue. We make this work, i. e. , schedule a meeting in behalf of one of the other accounts managed by a propietary, in this way:

  • Retrieve all the user id’s from the API sending the email of the account and using the same jwt of the global account

  • Post the create meeting request using the user id of the account you want to create the meeting for in the url, DO NOT use the propietary user id. Set schedule_for with the user email

  • That is it, works like a charm

Thanks for jumping in, @dlopezr!

@rahul.rabhadiya, let us know if you still have any questions.


Hi Will

i have same problem here: ‘code’: 1110 error.

I’m using the zoom’s owner account and I can’t schedule meetings for anyone but me!!

Has any tip or documentation that you can provide me?

Hi @mcsouza2,

Can you share a copy of the request you’re making? This will help me to debug.


I am facing the same issue when I tried to put another email in schedule_for .
Whenever the user wants to schedule a meeting on my application user, I want to be hosted by its own email, not by the owner’s email.

Thank you

Hi @shaheerahmed766,

Can you please make sure that user meets the prerequisites for scheduling outlined here: