Attendant list and Poll doesn't work when a client refresh browser

I’m full stack developer and I’m trying to implement web SDK on my system. I have problems with some errors. I tryed to find other posts with it and I didn’t see. So, if it existis, sorry.

We are testing the cases when our clients can refresh their browser’s pages while webinar is running.

When they to it, sometimes they don’t appear on attendant list but the counter still show how they are still there and because of it, I can’t enable their microphone. And, sometimes, they don’t receive poll and results anymore.

Which Web Client SDK version?
Using 1.9.6

**Device **
Browser Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari

We tried to load each library with intervals, and put some promises to have security to know when run functions dependences. Problems still happens.

It looks like the same error that is happening to us.

Hey @andresejigoto,

Does that cover the issues you’re seeing? If so, please follow that thread for the fix.


Hy @MaxM

Partially. My problem occur when the user refresh your browser page. My attendant list count the users but not show then. When it happens, I can’t interact with them. They come muted and I don’t have any place to unmute and polls stop working.

When I looked on the console, the errors are almost the same, with errorCode: not_connected but the type is about sound.

Hey @andresejigoto,

Thanks for the response. Are you able to share a screenshot of the browser console? I’ll work to confirm if this is related. Do you also see this behavior on the Sample Web App?


When I test (3 weeks ago), it had the same behavior.
Better than today, but had some errors.

Hey @andresejigoto,

We should be releasing a fix for this at the end of the month. Please test with the latest version when that is released and let us know if that resolves the issues you’re seeing.


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