attendee info in rest api

My development team is looking at the possibility of switching to zoom at the business tier.  My main concern is that we are replacing Sococo, and the thing our employees love about Sococo is the visual map of who is talking in which room, so they can instantly see “that’s the meeting I need to go join” or “that person isn’t in a meeting.”


It would only take me a day to build a simple web interface to show that info to our team graphical based on information returned with your REST api but I can’t find in it any ability to see who is in what meetings.  The live meetings list and meeting info REST endpoints don’t return participant info.  Do you have any suggestions?  I see that the dashboard provides information on live meetings but it seems (from the screenshots) only to list the number of participants.


Ideally I want a rest endpoint I can hit every second (or perhaps every five seconds, but no less frequently than that because people pop into and out of meetings in our workspace all the time) to give me the live meetings and their participants.


Hi Clint,

Please review the discussion here


We are looking to expose this type of feature in webhook version 2 (no eta yet)

That would work perfectly for my use case.  In fact, my first look was at webhook, then was disappointed the user arrive/leave events weren’t there.


Do you have even a vague eta?  6 months?  Year?

Most likely far less than 6 months, however no firm commitment yet.

Great, thank you.  Please add me to any beta program :wink: