Attendees for other users' meetings

I’m setting up an integration via Zapier for a client. The client is an organization with multiple users (I am not sure how many) and I am trying to capture attendance data for 3 of those users. I have access to a user login with admin privileges under the organization’s account. I set up a webhook so Zapier can capture when a participant joins a meeting.

It’s working when I test with a meeting created under the admin user. Does the webhook only apply to participants joining a meeting created by the user who also set up the webhook? If yes, how do I capture attendance for meetings created/managed by other users in the organization? I’m not a developer so I’m having a hard time navigating the forum and welcome someone pointing me to an existing thread about this.

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You are correct, so the events you will receive will be tied to the account that created the meeting.
you won’t be able to receive events if a user of the organization joins a meeting that is hosted by someone external

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I was actually able later to pull attendances from meetings hosted by other users in the account, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to only pull from specific users.

If the users belong to your account then you can use the Dashboard or reports endpoint:

Thanks, but I don’t understand how this fits into the webhook settings or if I need to do something else in Zapier (which is only using the webhook to receive information). As I mentioned, I’m not a developer and neither is anyone in the organization I’m working with, so if you or anyone else is able to provide more context, that would be helpful.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding on my end !!!
So to answer your previous inquiry, if you are using a Webhook only app, this app type is account-level, so you will be receiving events from the entire account (all the users in the account)

If you wanted to receive from specific users, those users will need to create an Oauth user-level app and enable event notifications in order to receive events.
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