Audio and connectivity issues with Zoom Meeting SDK React App


We’ve created a custom react application using the Zoom Meeting SDK. While we had no problems during our initial testing, since our soft launch we’ve had users reporting audio and connectivity issues. The main problems are:

  • Poor audio quality with particular note of voice echo.
  • Users struggling to connect to meetings and/or being disconnected/dropped from meetings multiple times.

In addition to this, when users have had calls without issue, when looking at the logs for some calls the reports still appear to show the users as having been dropped multiple times for said call, which is causing issues for our own reporting/billing processes.

These problems are being reported by users globally, (we’ve had reports from Mumbai, Shanghai, Dallas and New York) so doesn’t appear to be a particularly network issue with a single user; however we’ve
yet to be able to recreate the issues ourselves (in progress).

Our application is react based (running react 17.0.1) and was built using the meetingsdk-react-sample for reference; we’re currently using zoom meeting sdk version 2.11.0.

Would really appreciate it if you could look into this and suggest any possible fixes.