Audio cuts out on zoom only, all other apps work fine with the system sound card

My issue is:
4 months ago, I purchased a very expensive ($2.5K+) new Dell I-9 32 gig ram XPS-9520 with Win11. There seems to be a bad compatibility problem with the sound card / driver in this pc and zoom! Only once in 4 months have I been able to use the new pc for the twice-weekly meetings we have and not have the audio die on it. It seems to be a real issue with the pre-music we play prior to our services. I have read and tried every one of your workarounds that were listed for the piano teachers in your forum, and nothing works. This pc doesn’t have B&O sound, it has Realtek® Audio in it and I can’t find any echo suppression settings native to the sound card, only in zoom. This happens with zoom ONLY, otherwise the sound works fine on the pc.

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