PC spec for Original Sound and High Fidelity Music Mode

Hello, not sure if this is more bug or design but I am trying to bottom out an issue I’ve encountered with Original Sound and High Fidelity Music Mode and inconsistency between different PCs.

I play the (church) organ and use Zoom to broadcast organ music. Despite

  • high speed broadband (10MPS upload/100MPS download speed)
  • using an external USB microphone
  • enabling hifi mode, original sound
  • minimising echo cancellation
  • disabling or enabling Windows audio signal processing
  • muting Zoom output to external speakers in the same room when playing music

the audio quality varies from just about OK to really poor depending on the laptop/PC (Windows) I am recording from. Seems organ music is still being filtered as it consists of relatively long soft tones of constant pitch and volume. Similar though less severe problems may be encountered by violin, flute etc.

I have found that older PCs (e.g. Win 7) I have access to seem to do a better job of delivering audio. Any suggestion why, and are particular soundcards or processors advised for using Zoom’s high fidelity audio? What should users look for if speccing a PC for steaming organ music and are any adjustments at soundcard level possible?

As regards turning this into a feature request, if it’s clear that hifi music mode in Zoom works better on some computers than others, it would be helpful for the end user to know what spec PC is required if they wish to take full advantage of this feature.