Join By Computer Audio Not working

@chris3 and @puravt. If you are testing on servers that are not connecting through HTTPS, audio will not work. I ran into this recently with 1.7.9 and upgraded to 1.8.0 to see if the issue would resolve, it did not.

When testing with a client, I first used the HTTP connection without success. I then gave the Heroku HTTPS address and we were able to connect without any issues.

I am assuming this has to do with the necessary TLS connections to Zoom.


cc @tommy

Thanks for suggestion. We run all our sites on https. Our issues with audio are random and inconsistent. For example, sometimes audio works fine. Sometimes audio just cuts out after X amount of time. Sometimes, audio works for some but not for all. It’s kind of all over the place. We don’t have these issues with the desktop application which we’re using temporarily. Not the best user experience as it takes the student and teacher out of the LMS but it will do for now.

I’m curious, are the clients using different browsers or different versions of the same browser?

They should all be using the same version of Chrome. We have Chromebooks for each Student and Teacher and that’s what we’ve been testing with.

Copy that. I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything else on our end (developers) that would result in those issues. It will be interesting to see what the Zoom team comes back with.

Any insight regarding potential audio connection issues you are working on ?

We are also in the same situation.

More and more of these audio not reaching other participants pop up every day.
I don’t know if this was already present (but lowered) before 1.8.0 but we noticed an increase of this type of issue since 1.8.0 released. (+/-)

Audio metrics are all good on the zoom meeting console, for all participants.

This often happen right after joining a meeting for us. In such case, the alternatives for users are:

  • leave & join again
  • click on leave audio & click again on join by computer audio

I seems very similar to the problem i reported here about audio not working after automatic reconnection by zoom.

Hey @nvivot, @ademeglio, @chris3,

We have identified an issue and are working to fix it. :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated.


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Hi @tommy,

Any updates on the issue reported to this thread?


Hey @lfrancia,

Yes, we are working to fix the issue and it will be released sometime early next year. (CS-2053, CS-2046)


Any solution?
This angular web sdk is not working in flutter web_view and iPhone chrome and android chrome

Hi @midhilaj,

Which version of our Web SDK are you on? Have you tried upgrading to our latest version to see if this addresses the issue (1.9.0)?



We are using 1.9.0 version and facing this issue consistently. Is there any update?

We are seeing the below error in console:

Hi @midhilaj,

Thanks for confirming. Are you seeing any errors in the SDK UI itself when trying to join via Computer Audio? If so, can you provide a screenshot?

Additionally, please confirm/share the following details so that we can further investigate:

  • OS: iOS, Android
  • Version:
  • Browser: Chrome

Thank you,

Hello. I am new here. I am still facing audio errors. I didn’t get a useful solution. there is anybody who can help me? To solve this error?

@Behang schilderen
here, is any feature in zoom just like team viewer to share or handle someone’s screen?

Hey @larkiawara7,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please create a new topic for your issue and fill out template. This will ensure that we have enough information to help out with the issue and we keep the solution focused on one topic.


@MaxM can you please provide me the category where I can post my question.

Hey @larkiawara7 ,

You can post it here: #web-client-sdk