Audio is not able to be delivered to participant


In Android OS version 10.x or above, when Custom UI is “ON”, Audio is not able to be delivered to participant.

(Previously I had issued for this subject here and DevForum “Malfunction of audio sharing feature on Zoom Android SDK (V5.4.3.603)” and it has not solved yet.)

Recently Android SDK has been released and we tested to share Audio but still not working.
This feature shall be working at Andriod OS 10.x or above, ZOOM sample code for this feature only provides to call API to 3rd party’s APP and we cannot see the code further, so we don’t know why it is not working.

It shall be working with Custom UI is ON at 3rd party APP.

Hi @alex.seo, thanks for the post.

In order for the SDK to capture the audio of another Android app, that other app must explicitly grant the OS permission to allow all other apps to capture its audio stream. More information can be found here.


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