Audio Issues with 1.7.10

Audio breaks for the host as well as participants. This is an intermittent issue, usually solved by refreshing. But the speaker doesn’t know that his audio is breaking. So it is very irritating. Please help us.

The version is 1.7.10. We were using 1.7.8 before and read in the forum that it had some caching issue, so we upgraded. Now we are facing similar issue in the newer version as well.

The issue is not internet because if we switch to Zoom desktop app everything is usually fine.

We used chrome browser.

Please help us out. It will be really helpful for our classes.

Hey @sharath1,

We are aware of some audio issues and are working on fixing them. (CS-2047)


Thanks for the update @tommy

You are welcome!


any update about this issue we have similar issue with our classes we are using 1.7.10

Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

No updates yet. I will provide one as soon as I have one.

Thanks for your patience,

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