Zoom Web SDK needs BIG improvements

Why remove the Edge support?

Why is there consistent problems with the SDK?

It is time to get you act in gear.

I mention a bug, it does not get fix.

Hey @jhansen,

We appreciate your feedback, and are doing everything we can to fix the bugs.

Which specific bugs are you experiencing?


Please be advised, I updated your title. (I tried to keep the spirit if your title without the negative language) We strive to provide a community experience that is welcoming to everyone. Please make sure to follow our guidelines which state that titles, posts, links, etc, should be safe for “family and friends”

Secondly, we appreciate your feedback and have already started investing time into the WebSDK to help resolve these issues. This is a recent focus change so I can only ask for your patience as we ramp up this new focus and get positive changes out the door!



Dear @tim.slagle,

We have been chasing issues over WebSDk for the last 3 months but there have been no updates.

There has been an issue of Audio/Video cracking which is pending since Feb 7 (almost 5 months). This issue makes the Web SDK unusable as no meeting is possible.

It will great if we can share some timelines regarding the issues raised in the forums.


Hey @helloparent,

We are doing our best to improve the Web SDK to the highest standards.

Web SDK version 1.7.9 has been released. Please try it and let us know if you are still experiencing issues.



Hi @tommy

Thanks for your response. The changelog does not mention anything about this specific issue of Audio/Video.

Can you suggest if this is resolved in this update and we can go ahead and update our SDK. Else it will be a futile costly exercise for us.

To be specific, I am looking for this issue:

Kindly confirm.


Hi @tommy

We did the update to check the issue. Unfortunately, the issue still remains. As a participant, the voice of the host cracks so much that it is as close as irritating beep sounds.

Do we expect any solution to this?