Audio of meeting participants not working properly on mobile browser

We have some issue using the approach of Getting Started to integrate zoom meeting feature into our website back office.
We tested the feature through our group meeting.
We found if participants are on the desktop, they can hear and talk without any problem.
if participants are on mobile, they can hear the HOST without much an issue, but their voice could be intermittently on and off, that is,
Using computers seems to be more stable. the issue we confirmed is that participants have issue if they talk in the meetings on the mobile.

Does people experience the same issue?any suggestion how to fix it?

Hope you are fine. Try integrating according to steps given in this article

thanks for the reply.
we are not using zoom app directly.
We have applied the integration approach using Meeting SDK mentioned here, please refer to the link Getting Started
that is, zoom is integrated into the back office of our website.
So on the mobile, people logs into the back office of our website and opens the page there to join the meeting from chrome or any browser on their phone.
They can join the zoom meeting without intalling zoom app in this way.
The problem here isnot that they can’t be heard during the meeting, but the quality of the audio is not good as when on a desktop or laptop.
any idea what might cause that issue? We did a group meeting to have tested it. The issue affected all participants on the phone.