Audio problems while using Meeting SDK

We are using Meeting SDK version 3.6.1 within a WebView on Android and iOS. We are facing several issues with audio device connectivity during meetings:

  1. Audio Device Connection During Active Meetings:
  • When an audio device is connected during an active meeting, the SDK does not recognize the new device.
  • As a result, the sound continues to play through the speaker instead of the newly connected audio device.
  1. Audio Routing from the Beginning:
  • Even when users connect an audio device before the meeting starts, the sound still routes through the speaker.
  • Users must manually switch to the headset if the device is eventually recognized as an output device.
  1. Initial Audio Connection Failure:
  • Sometimes, even when no audio devices are connected, users do not receive any sound initially.
  • To resolve this, users must rejoin the meeting, which is an inconvenient workaround.

These issues are significantly impacting our meeting experience.
@chunsiong.zoom @gianni.zoom Could you please assist in resolving these problems?