Having issues with audio for participants in a meeting using the meetingsdk-javascript [3.8.0]

Hello, I’m experiencing an issue for which I couldn’t find help on the forum.
Participants in my meeting, when connecting via a browser, don’t hear any audio.

I’m currently on 3.8.0, but 3.7.0 have the same problem.

Once a user join the meeting, their audio icon look like a headphone.

As far as I understand, with this icon, it should be possible to hear the host’s audio, right?

If I click on the icon and turn off the microphone, it become a phone with a red line across it.
Then the host’s audio comes through correctly. The problem returns if I set the icon to the headphone.

Is this a configuration issue in the meeting or some security limitation? I don’t see why the meeting having audio input enabled by default should be a problem.

Also, kinda of weird that this forum have a way to upload images but give a error if I use it.

Going into Settings → Statistics
I can see that there is no audio packages received unless I first mute my microphone.

I’m still testing but it seen this problem only occur on the component-view.js version. It seen it’s working correctly for the client-view.js