Audio/Video Issues in Meeting Web SDK


We have created an embedded zoom experience using Component View in Web SDK.
Typically our meeting participants will be two where host & guests will be joining from different geographies/countries (Eg: Host from India & Guest from the Netherlands/US/UAE etc).
We create our meetings on demand using zoom /v2/users/{userId}/meetings endpoint.
Users will be made to join the meeting using the snippet mentioned in the code snippet section.

In such a scenario, currently, we are facing multiple audio/video issues (in ~30% of meetings) for users who are joined into zoom from SDK.
Audio Issues - Lag on both ends, Audio breaks, Robotic voice
Video Issues - Lag on both ends, Complete blank screen

The points to note here are

  • Post experiencing issues in SDK meeting, users are moving to native zoom app (meeting is done in a different meeting id) and things are seamless. No audio/video issues were observed.

  • Users have high-speed & reliable internet connections.

Below are some of the meetings where such issues are observed. Sharing both the meetings (SDK & native app meeting) for comparative analysis.

Case I
SDK Meeting Id - 92442228108
Zoom app meeting id - 5307496805
Meeting date & time - 9/11/2022 10:00:00 PM - 11:00:00 PM IST
Issue - The host was not able to hear the guest. The guest was able to hear the host. A lot of video lag was observed on both ends.

Case II
SDK Meeting Id - 92754541941
Zoom app meeting id - 8357800252
Meeting date & time - 9/7/2022 8:00:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM IST
Issue - Audio breaks & lag from both ends

Caste III
SDK Meeting Id - 99632632621
Zoom app meeting id - 6551566900
Meeting date & time : 9/10/2022 9:00:00 PM - 10:00:00 PM IST
Issue - Robotic audio & lag

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
@zoomus/websdk”: “^2.7.0

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
signature: meetingSignature,
meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
password: meetingPass,
userName: name,
zak: zakToken,
success: () => {
console.log(“zoom success called”)
error: () => {
console.log(“zoom error called”)

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook, Windows, Android Tablets, Ipads
  • OS:
  • Browser: Majorly Chrome, Safari
  • Browser Version: Latest versions

This is also affecting us we have video from the customers side showing a clear lag and multiple complains about the same and no acknowledgement from zoom side on this can you guys please provide an update this seems very widespread and is affecting alot of our customers

We are also having this issue with our clients and would love some information about how to fix this.

sorry if my question is off topic, I use web-meeting-sdk 2.7.0 via component view, when a participant joins to zoom, the participant can’t see the host video, and can’t also open the camera, this is the error I get
can anyone help? thanks.

Many participants’ videos are not working in the main session of Zoom.

Participants’ video gets disabled or drops from zoom when moving to breakout rooms.

We have been facing this issue for 3 days.

We have connected the zoom for proctoring exams.

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