Authenticated user has not permitted access to the targeted resource zoom

I am getting this error when I try to create a meeting.
Same issue as in


Hi @KawsikanTV

Are you still experiencing this issue?

I am also facing this issue.

Could you please share the request url and request body you are sending when creating the meeting so I can help you debugging this issue further? @pranay999000

I was facing the same issue and here is what I found.

It was actually an issue with the app permissions (as the 403 suggested). Apparently, to use the “create a meeting” endpoint, the user who authorized your app must have given access to “Shared Access Permissions”. A user can see the “Shared Access Permissions” of your app in App Marketplace and give it or revoke it.

Also on Zoom Developer Docs it says "Currently, there is no way for your app to know whether a user has authorized shared access permissions for your app. "

So if you get that 403, verify you app was given access to “Shared Access Permissions” and the error should go away

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Hi @remcou
Thanks for sharing your findings with the community we really appreciate that!
Have an amazing day,

I am facing the same issue and if user gives “Shares Access Permissions” , everything works fine.

So do we need “Shared Access Permissions” even for app to use user level meeting creation using "“”?

For example, some apps allow meeting url creation without “Shared Access” such as integration in Calendly.

What am i missing?

Is there any solution to check whether user has given shared access permission or not ? @elisa.zoom

Hi @shainsha
We currently do not have a solution that will help you to check if a user has given shared access permissions or not.

Hi @elisa.zoom
I am getting
“code”: 403,
“message”: “Authenticated user has not permitted access to the targeted resource.”
for an account of zoom team having domain
For other domain it’s working fine.

Hi @dikshansh
Could you please share with me the request URL that you are sending along with the request body so I can take a look into it?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,
Request URL:

Could you also share the request body @dikshansh