Authentication Returning HTML, Not JSON

Hello, We are using an ETL tool (Rivery) to connect to the Zoom API. However, when we submit the Authentication request, we get HTML back instead of JSON. Is this something you can help us understand how to navigate?

My understanding is that it should return JSON that includes an authentication code which we need to pass back to get an access code.

API Endpoint/s?
Hoping to use the meetings endpoint, but haven’t gotten past the authentication stage.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. URL:
REST URL Parameters: response_type=code, redirect_uri, client_id
*2. Using Rivery ETL REST API
*3. Expecting JSON code, but returning HTML

We are getting a “Success 200” status, but the returning code isn’t JSON.

Thank you!

OAuth applications that aren’t server-to-server OAuth applications require the user to use a web browser to authorize the use of your application. The endpoint is not for APIs, you redirect the user’s web browser there, and depending on what happens next, Zoom will redirect the web browser back to the redirect URL you specified and then your application can call the endpoint to swap the authorization code you got back in the redirection for an access token and a refresh token, which you can use without further user interaction in a web browser.

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