Auto Loading specific meeting - Linux

Good day everyone.

Could someone tell me, best practice for loading zoom and having it auto-enter a specific meeting ID

We would like to have a Linux machine when turned on load zoom to a specific meeting ID.

The idea is a turnkey drop off a unit for production.
We set it up beforehand and it’s plug and plays for them for the life of the meeting.
ie recurring for a few days/weeks so they would power it on and off a few times


Hey @tfraley, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Couldn’t you just navigate to the Zoom join url? For example


Yes kinda how we are doing it now.

However we don’t want it to stop / pause for input
We want it to just load up and into the meeting through the app.

What would you say the best way of doing this would be @tommy

Thanks for the quick reply…

Hey @tfraley,

You could accomplish this via navigating to the Zoom Web Client url:{{ meetindID }}/join?prefer=1&un={{ base64Encoded Name }}

What is your use case? It sounds like you could use our Zoom Rooms product?


Zoom rooms sounds like a great product and we were messing around with it a bit for a few days. However the reliant of an iPad type of device is not something we want to count on.

Our use case isn’t a static office but rather a production / film set which can change multiple times in a day as locations change.

Adding something like an iPad to the mix is more than needed and a weak link.

I’m testing today with using the specific link thats given during registration for a meeting.
That seems to have everything encoded and may work .

The example you gave I tried that and still seemed to get prompts

Our goal is for it to just auto start and log into the meeting without any interaction.

Any suggestions or things to test is totally welcomed.

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Hey @tfraley,

Thanks for sharing your use case.

There are other Zoom Room solutions that don’t require an iPad, such as the Neatbar.

May I ask what the prompts are? Can you share a screeshot?



Thanks for that.
We have looked at the appliances.
While it may not be an ipad but same principle a device that is required to be on same network etc…

Limiting the links is limiting the possibility of failure.

Would be nice if the rooms app didn’t need a remote device to manage it.

Any other thoughts for us.

Hey @tfraley,

My only other suggestion is to try the URL Schemes:



Thanks that’s what we are exploring at the moment.
Those URL schemes only seem to document Mac/Windows
will that version work for Linux as well?

Hey @tfraley,

Not sure if it will work on Linux. It’s worth a try!