Automatically changed last name in meeting

One of our client last name is changed automatically. We have check the logs but we didint find anything from our side.

User name :

Old First name Last name :

First name : Melissa
Last name : Colton

Today in the morning last name is automatically changed.

First name : Melissa
Last Name : McCurly

Again , We have updated last name to Colton. Its happends 2 time in last 15 days.

I am not sure why this is happening and its might be happening with multiple users but we have only got the first one.

Please fix asap or provide the log history how and when its changed.

Hi @insynctelemedicine
thanks for reaching out to us!
Can you please confirm if you made these changes via API?
If so, can you please share with me the name of your app and what app type is it?


We are using REST API for every zoom transection.

We have maintained the log for each ZOOM API call we didn’t find any API log that renamed the last name to “McCurly”.

Username is : its start with “_200”

Hi @insynctelemedicine
Sorry for the late reply here, I did not get a notification for your response
can you please ask the user if they did not change the name manually during the meeting?
I will take a look and update you