Update Meeting Participant API "user_name" to include updated name after rename

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
If a participant joins a meeting with just a first name, then uses “rename” to include their first and last name, the APIs do not provide a way to retrieve this renamed value. It requires manually pulling the Active Hosts report, where user_name has both " Name (Original Name) "
We ask our participants to “rename” themselves to be their first and last name, but we can’t retrieve this from an API.

Describe the solution you’d like
Update the Report Meetings Participant API for Meetings (https://api.zoom.us/V2/report/meetings/{}/participants) “user_name” field, or add a new field, to return the final “name” field for each participant, or “Name (Original Name)”, where Name is the final name used. It currently returns the name that the user entered when they first joined the meeting.

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I also need this. Our clients are intellectually disabled and our staff currently rename meeting participants with internally-recognizable names during online sessions because they often connect under a different name with borrowed devices and/or Zoom accounts. Their modified names are visible in the Active Hosts reports downloaded directly from Zoom; why not in the API version of the same reports?

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I am also in desperate need of this. We need to take a count of attendance, and currently we just count live with screenshots. Many don’t put the number of participants next to their name, resulting in them having to rename/be renamed. I am writing a program to automatically take a count at the middle point of the meeting, as we announce attendance at the end. I thought I could write a simple program to do this, but this is proving to be basically impossible with the current “user_name”. It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to either update that field or to make a separate section like “screen_name” or something with the most up-to-date screen name.

Also, by what I’d like updated I mean /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants, I think reports should be updated as well, but in my use case I needed the Dashboard for live meetings.