Automatically connect to meeting with voip audio and camera "unmuted"

Through the mobile SDKs, is there a call that could forces the connecting users to automatically join the meeting with there audio connected via VOIP and to have their video “unmuted” on entry?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the post. Which mobile platform are you using? We do have methods to auto connect the audio via VoIP, take Android as an example:

And by default, the video is on(unmuted).

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hey Carson,

We would need methods for both IOS and android.

As far as the video, we are seeing users join with their video muted, not unmuted. So there are no methods that can force the camera to be unmuted on entry?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply. Which SDK version are you using? We did observe an issue that the video is muted by default in version v4.4.55130.0712. This has been fixed in the latest version v4.4.55968.0904.

And if you would like to auto connect to VoIP on iOS, you may use this method:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Carson, I am going to check on which version our mobile apps are running. Would this have only affected android? or IOS? Both?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply. The issue I mentioned was impacting both iOS and Android on version 0712.

We are using the following:

  1. Bundle version (iOS) ——> “4.1.34076.1024”
  2. Bundle version (Android) —> “4”

Was video being muted reported in either of those versions?

Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel_Rittenhouse,

Thanks for the info. No, we have not received any related reports regarding the video mute by default on any versions other than the v4.4.55130.0712 that I have mentioned to you. You may have a try with our latest demo at or and refer to the implementation in our demo, the default setting in our demo is the video is on by default.

Hope this helps. Thanks!