Autorize join to webinar only to specific users

I need to allow webinar joining to a specifics users. They would be hundreds of users who whould join the webinar.

I have seen pasword protection but since it can be used by multiple users I can’t use it. I have seen email domain filter but attendees to webinar will have random domain emails so I cant filter them using that.

Is it possible to limit webinar joining by a list of emails or make a list of possible passwords with single use only?

What would it be the best approach to limit webinar joining to specific users without using manual accepting procedure?

Hi @josebailon I would suggest scheduling the webinar with Registration. This can be managed through the Webinar Registrant APIs if you would like as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you Michael. I will look in to it.

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Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile: