Multiple people joining webinar through same URL

How to allow webinar to join only to approved attendees.

I created one webinar with registration. I have approved one attendee. But, that attendee shared his join url to multiple people & they also joined through the same URL.

In this case host could see only one attendee. But, multiple people were able to see the webinar with same join url. How to prevent this.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I am using JWT app while hitting the APIs.

Utkarsh S. Acharekar

Hi @uacharekar as of our latest release, you can now restrict multiple logins for meeting registrations. This is available under Registration Options of the meeting details section in the web portal.

HI @michael.harrington,

I tried to restrict multiple login. I unticked option “Allow attendees to join from multiple devices”. And registration is set to manual approval. Still attendees are able to join on at least 2 devices with same join url and with different logins.

Hey @uacharekar,

Please send all of these details, including the registration join_urls that are able to be used multiple times to so we can debug.