Availability of the meeting_summary endpoint

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any word on the availability of the meeting_summary endpoint?* https://devforum.zoom.us/t/important-update-for-zoom-api-users-ongoing-issue-with-meeting-summary-scopes/99961t?


Hi @nagarjung ,

This should have been fixed. Are you still experiencing issues?

I also was following availability of this. We hadn’t seen any announcement that a new version of the Meetings API was released (at least per the one URL I’ve seen to track those things); and since shortly after the weekend purported to have contained a new release, had not seen any change in endpoint behavior. Although, haven’t been checking the actual endpoint behavior daily.

If we too are in this boat, should we need to regenerate credentials, or change other configuration?

Many thanks.

Just to be sure, the URL that I’ve been using to track specific API release updates is here: https://devsupport.zoom.us/hc/en-us/sections/11628414630925-Zoom-One-Meetings-Team-Chat-More-

If there’s a different means by which to track API updates, happy to follow.

Yes @gianni.zoom , as described by aaron in below comment,.

Please see follow-up comments, as we are not seeing this functionality fixed, as described.

I’ve confirmed this morning that using credentials previously generated with the correct scopes, still fails at the meeting_summary endpoint with the message: Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting_summary:read, meeting_summary:read:admin].'}

Hi @aaron.shock @nagarjung ,

Can you please try re-authorizing, generating a new token and try again?

If that does not work and if it is possible, remove the scopes, save. Re-add the scopes, save. Generate a new token and query the endpoint again.

Finally if it is still failing, please respond to my private message to each of you with the following:

  • client id associated with request
  • full request/response screenshot
  • developer email associated with app
  • screenshot showing added scopes
  • url of application credentials page

Additionally, here is the new changelog location, but I do not see an announcement for the fix: Zoom Developer Changelog

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Hi @aaron.shock , never share that info publicly. I asked to respond to my private message. Please check your messages tab of the forum :slight_smile:

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Developer resolved by re-authorizing and re-adding scopes before generating new access token.