Available types of integrations with zoom

I have web-application and need integration with zoom.

I have two integration cases:

  1. Put a call button to my application near with Google Calendar, Outlook and Yahoo.

After clicking open my web application that interacts with the created Zoom - meeting.

Is it possible? What I need to do?

  1. Put a call button to Zoom in my web-application.

After clicking create Zoom - meeting and use it in my web-application.

Is it possible? What I need to do?

Hi @anastasia.filatova , that info can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005486363-Getting-started-with-integrations

For more integration-specific support, refer to https://community.zoom.com/


What can you integrate with Zoom?
Zoom is a video-first unified communications platform for meetings, training, webinars, and other forms of collaboration. When used with Zapier, Zoom becomes a core part of your business, integrating with your calendar, CRM, scheduling, and productivity apps.