Awaiting response to obtain Customizable Web SDK Key/Secret Creds

I would like to begin working with the Zoom Customizable Web SDK. I attempted to fill out the form to sign up, but no response.

I would like to know how I can obtain access to @zoomus/instantsdk library (getting 404 not found on the public npm… i assume you guys have a private package registry for me to obtain this?)

I need the sdk key / secret so i can start signing these sessions. Who can generate me some credentials?

Thank you!


Hi @jremi,

The Fully Customisable Web SDK has now been renamed to the Web Video SDK. Instead of waiting for your access credentials, you can now sign up for a developer account by visiting Buy it now - Zoom

You can start with the ‘Pay as you go’ plan, which gives you 10,000 minutes for free each month.


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Thanks for sharing the solution @alexmayo ! :slight_smile:

@jremi , let us know if you have any other questions.


I hav followed the Buy it now - Zoom link you mentioned above. I selected the Pay as you go plan , however, somehow during this user account setup flow I get lost…

Where do I find the following …

  1. Download the web sdk (@zoomus/instantsdk)?
  2. Where do I create or find the SDK key and secret?

I cannot find them anywhere within this account I have created.

I was able to find the SDK Key/Secret but when I attempt to download the
I get the following …

<script id="krispX" type="text/javascript" async="true" src="chrome-extension://edmmlbmgelmbipapbhcncjblhejknomb/static/js/patch.js" model8="chrome-extension://edmmlbmgelmbipapbhcncjblhejknomb/models/small_8k.thw" model16="chrome-extension://edmmlbmgelmbipapbhcncjblhejknomb/models/small_16k.thw" workletURL="chrome-extension://edmmlbmgelmbipapbhcncjblhejknomb/wasm/krisp-processor.js"/>
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

What am I doing wrong?


The Buy it now - Zoom link takes me to a page prompting me to buy a zoom plan for meeting licenses. that’s not really what I want.

Is having a paid zoom account a requirement to be able to use the new video SDK?

Hi @andreig_zoom,

You’ll need to log out of your account before visiting that page, since you cannot add the new Video SDK plans to an existing account.

It is not a requirement to have a paid account to use the new VideoSDK, in fact you can set it up completely for free and get 10,000 minutes per month on the PAYG plan.


Thanks for explaining that @alexmayo, seems to work!

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Hi @jremi,

Your SDK Key and Secret are obtainable after you have completed most of the ‘Information’ tab on the app marketplace.

Regarding the error when downloading, it looks like you’re trying to download the Web Client SDK, instead of the Web Video SDK. Ensure you’re logged into your developer account, and then download the SDK from the ‘Download’ tab on the App marketplace. The latest version as of 23 March 2021 is v1.0.2.


Hey @andreig_zoom , @jremi ,

Here are instructions I outlined here to get started with the Video SDK:

Appreciate you also providing instructions @alexmayo :slight_smile:


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Just to make sure I fully understand…

It appears that from the developer perspective I will need to provide my credit card details to obtain access and begin testing the sdk?

I realize you guy provide 10k minutes per month for free.

This feels like a slight barrier to entry if a developer just wants to quickly onboard , pull a copy of the SDK and start playing around.

I would think it should not require a credit card to get started upfront. If the 10k minutes are hit in a monthly cycle you guys can rate limit and send a error message in the SDK indicating that the developer must provide billing or wait for the the next monthly cycle to reset.

Just sharing my thoughts.

Is this valid? I must provide my cc details to start playing around?


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Hey @jremi ,

Thanks for sharing this feedback, I do agree with you that this is a slight barrier to entry for just playing around with the Video SDK. I will share this feedback with our teams.

That being said, it will not charge your credit card unless you go over 10K minutes per month. At this time you do need to provide your cc details to start playing around with it.


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