Azure SSO doesn't work as described by various Zoom support articles

Hi everyone,

This isn’t really an API topic but I couldn’t find any other resource to pose this question to the community. My bad.

This is supposed to be a simple thing but - Azure SSO doesn’t work as described by various Zoom support articles. I’ve configured tens of Enterprise Apps for SSO with our Azure tenant and only Zoom is letting me hit a brick wall.

The tech articles are followed to the letter. SSO seems to work up until I get an error thrown by Zoom post-authentication and all it says is some non descriptive error. I do have a support case open but given COVID I doubt I will hear from support anytime soon.

I am hoping that one of you has gone through the steps, failed, then resolved the issue and can tell the thing which diverges from the published steps which made Azure SSO work for you.

Thank you

Hey @Boyan,

Your best bet is to reach out to since this is not apart of the Zoom App Marketplace.

If anyone from the community knows how to fix this, please share. :slight_smile:


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