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Hi Guys, I’m developping a mobile project using zoom for virtual meets. So, I have followed the documentation about SDKs for IOS and I downloaded the sample example (Both Swift and objectiveC implementation). I’m sure that credenciais are correct from my zoom develop account.

The meet works fine for me, my problem is cause when I touch the Home button on iPhone, the red banner appear to back meet but in few seconds its disappears. I checked all keys in info.plist and I enabled audio for background modes.

Which version?
I’m using iPhone6 with Target IOS 12.4 cause its my devices’s version.

Hey @izaias.machado,

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What version of the SDK are you using?
Are you seeing this issue in both this sample application and this one?


Hi @Michael_Condon,

Does this happened in debug process or adhoc/appstore package usage.
This is caused by app killed by system(memory, stop debugging or something else), please check all the case about the app. Make sure the stop meeting api not called when you put the app background.


I just runned the sample app and its happens. You can run this sample normally? The behavior that I have described happens with you too?

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I doesn’t happen with me. Although it could also possibly be a bug. Have you tried to look inside the code to see if there is something wrong?


Yes, I testing both.

Yes, I look the code and actually its seems ok. But I’m trying reproduce at least a case that its work ok with background. In your case, thats works fine? its appears a banner red when you go to background? In Debug mode works too? Could you tell me references about you Xcode, MacOS and device Version?

Here I’m using:
macOS Catalina : 10.15.7 Version
iPhone 6: SO -> 12.4.9 version
Xcode: 12.1 Version

@izaias.machado The device that I am currently using is A chromebook 86.0.4240.198. I do own a macOS Catalina But haven’t used it in awhile due to maintenance. I have the Iphone 11 But do not know which version. I am using the same Xcode as you. And yes, it works perfectly fine in my case.

Additional Context.
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Hey @izaias.machado,

I have run the application here: on a physical device, and did not reproduce the same results.

I am using:
Xcode: 12.1
iOS: 13.6
SDK Version: 5.2.42037.1112

When I join a meeting, then press the home button, I see the red banner at the top and it does not disappear. When I tap the banner, the application opens again and I am put back into the meeting.

Is there any code you have modified within this repo 5.2.42037.1112? If not, could you have enabled a setting on your device to prohibit background audio or other permissions?