Background Clock

I’m new to a company and my boss asked me to find out how to have a countdown clock show in the meetings so people won’t go over time. I know there is a clock that counts up in the upper right corner in Zoom, but its very tiny and no one can or will see it. Looked on YouTube and the ways they have for inputting a clock in the background are complicated. The one’s you have to buy only go up to 15 min and have their own verbiage. My boss would like a simple clock to float in the background but large enough for everyone to see it counting down from either 1hr or 30 min., so people will NOT go over time when the meeting is over. Is that even possible?? Is there such a thing as a virtual background with a working countdown clock?? Please let me know.
Thank you in advance. -Ann

Hey @aefelton1,

This would be a perfect use case for a Zapp! :slight_smile: I believe we also announced this feature at Zoomtopia.


Hey Ann,

We recently launched an App that might be able to help. It’s available on the Zoom Marketplace here. You can also get access by creating an account at BlueSky Apps.

If you need help or have any questions or ideas for features, we’re all ears:


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