On-screen Timer / Clock app

We are using Zoom for Toastmasters meetings each week. The attendees of these meetings have specific roles and some key roles are for delivering speeches and evaluation of delivered speeches (another speech, effectively). Each speech has a pre-defined duration and is timed. For example, I may be delivering a 5-7 minute speech and my evaluator will speak for 2-3 minutes to provide feedback.
Normal face-to-face meetings always have a Timer role, the person who times every speech and presents Green/Yellow/Red lights or Cards for the speaker that indicate how much time has been used. We still need to do this when using Zoom but it would be really nice to have a little timer app (perhaps the host could enable and control it).
As a work-around, we have begun to provide Green, Yellow and Red solid color backgrounds that are set by the Timer to indicate minimum, half-way and maximum times during each speech. We ask the speakers to pin the Timer so that they can see the background changes.
I saw SNL last night (25-Apr-2020) and one of the skits actually showed a timer like what I am thinking of. If the app could have a “Toastmasters” mode that changed colors at the appropriate times it would have been perfect.
Does anyone else know how to develop this app?

None. This is a feature app request.

Which App?
A new Timer app that provides the functionality needed for use in Toastmasters meetings.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. The designated person in the Timer role (“timer operator”) will enable the app at the start of the meeting. Each user can optionally hide this app from being on-screen if they like.
  2. Prior to starting a timed speech the timer operator enters the time limits into the Timer app: min/max (format: MM:SS) and the half-way time is calculated by the Timer app.
  3. Optionally the Time app could display the Speaker’s Name and Speech Title. This would add two more items to the information provided by the timer operator prior to the start of a timed speech (see #2).
  4. The timer operator starts the timing app as soon as the speaker starts to speak. The Timer app shows the time since the start of the speech as MM:SS and turns on a Green, Yellow and Red “light” at the appropriate times (see above).
    5a) At 30 seconds prior to the minimum time the Green “light” shows in a dimmed, muted way. This is to indicate that the minimum time for the speech is in less than 30 seconds.
    5b) At 30 seconds past the end-time the Red “light” flashes or stones to indicate that the speaker has failed to complete their speech during the allotted time. This might also be optional, but should definitely be somewhat subtile - not in your face flashing.
  5. The timer operator may stop the Timer app at any time and reset the configuration for the next speaker.

Screenshots (If applicable)
The Time App should be small and moveable, or optionally should be embedded in the control bar where the other controls are. It should be visible but not so big that it blocks the viewer’s view of the speaker.

Additional context
If you are a developer who knows how to produce this app I am willing to provide more functional specification, basic requirements and suggestions for usability.

NOTE: There are many Thousands of active Toastmasters worldwide who would probably be interested in this app. A very large market who might pay a small amount to be able to use it.


Hey @crstukes,

Thanks for the feature request!

You can also submit this as a feature request to the product team here: zoom.us/feed