Show the current time / clock

To have a better overview over time during a meeting, it would be helpful to have the current time / a clock in the zoom bar in addition to the existing timer, which only shows the duration of the meeting.

Especially in full-screen applications and in the screen sharing mode the system clock is often hidden


Hey @w.wiedemann,

Please see this support doc:


thank you for the reply.

I already know the feature that shows the time since the beginning of the meeting (meeting duration / connected time). however, it is often not really meaningful. Sometimes you create the meeting a few minutes before the arranged time, sometimes you arrive a little later at an existing meeting… So showing the pure connection time is usually not very helpful. There is also no possibility to reset the timer.

I think, a real clock that shows the current time would be more helpful in most cases.


Hi @w.wiedemann, I see the use case but I don’t think this is immediately something we can provide through an API. Could you share your request with us at

I have the same request. Not sure if this thread is the right place to add it.

I think what might be misunderstood is this is something we need through an API.
This is a feature request on the interface during a fullscreen Zoom meeting.

Often times you join a meeting before the top of the hour. Or you join a few minutes after the hour has passed. Or your meeting starts at half past the hour.

In Fullscreen mode, in those cases it’s impossible to get a feeling of what time it is, and how much time is left for your meeting.

On Mac, the only workaround is to move my mouse to the top bar of my screen and see the actual clock.
Alternatively I could check my watch or watch the clock on a wall or desk next to me, but this is distracting and in 1on1 meetings not very friendly.

Would like to replace the current meeting running time with an actual clock of the current system time.

  • either by clicking the timer element and toggling between meeting duration and system time clock.
  • or by a setting in Preferences where you can set ‘Show system clock instead of meeting duration time’.

Should not be too difficult to implement I think, and a huge improvement for both hosts and meeting participants.

I use Zoom to teach and often have students presenting in time blocks. I have no easy way to give them a warning as their time gets low without interrupting their flow. The ability to have the current time and/or a timer I can set would solve this for me.

+1 on the current time/clock. A meeting timer is useful, but at all the same thing. This should be part of the basic UI.

For the record, having a stopwatch/countdown timer is incredibly valuable. I really miss that.

+1 on the current time/clock in full screen mode, especially.

Add one more vote for displaying the current time onscreen. It is very important for teachers to know the time. And it’s very distracting for them to look down at their phones turn on the screen, see the time, turn off the phone screen, and re-engage on Zoom. Having current system time on-screen would be a big ui improvement.

Please add a clock. It is very distracting to have to look away and check the clock on my phone every time I want to know the time. I do not want to use the elapsed time feature as I find this distracting for all participants. I just want a clock so I can gauge pace of my meetings and know how much time has elapsed and how much time is left. Thank you!

+1 Please add a clock. Make it a AR analog clock in the background if possible :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Please add a clock

Really need a clock with actual time.

+1 on real time clock - with date as well please!

Hey guys, if you want this feature added to Zoom, go to and request the feature there.

Hey all still looking for a clock app!

Delighted to share that a Timer & Clock app is now available on the Zoom Marketplace here. You can also get access by creating an account at BlueSky Apps.

If you need help or have any questions or ideas for features, we’re all ears:


+1 Please add a clock integrated with zoom

+1 please add a clock

A year and a half since the last urgent request to add a current-time clock. So why hasn’t it been implemented yet? I run my Zoom meetings on a separate monitor, and it’s annoying to have to check the time on another screen.

If Zoom can install a timer in meetings, it must be dead easy for them to install a clock.

Anyway, for what it is worth, i have found a work-around. I have the Manycam camera management app on my Mac (also works on PC). All I do is change my video source from the existing camera to “Manycam Virtual Webcam”. Just make sure that Manycam is connected to the same camera as you were previously using, and in the Manycam window on the right hand side scroll down to the picture of a clock, and turn on the button “Clock” so it is blue. Drag the time in the Manycam window to the corner that you want it. Just in case your colleagues say your sound is out of synch with your mouth, you can correct it by changing your sound source in zoom to Manycam and then setting the microphone in Manycam to your old microphone.