Bad Audio Quality

When participants join, the audio quality is really bad. All sound is sent and received, but there’s a delay and there’s robot like voice. The robot like voice changes the voice of the person talking and makes it impossible to hear well.

However, when I tested and let the participant join from the Zoom application, the sound quality is really good as usual.

No errors

Which version?
1.7.9 (angular)
Meeting host; from Zoom application on the computer (latest version)
Meeting participant; tested on multiple devices and browsers - web sdk on Google Chrome (Android) and on Google Chrome and Opera on the Computer.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Android 10
  • Browser: Chrome

After testing multiple times, the problem is now from the web browser on the smartphone only. Google Chrome on the computer works fine.

Hey @donzpaul,

We will look into the bad audio quality issue from the smartphone. (CS-2018)


hey @donzpaul im facing the same issue. but the meeting is hosted on a windows pc, did you have different quality issues depending on the host pc with different specs by any chance? i cannot pass 2 attendants with video without having a disaster on the meeting with sound and video quality

Hey @victor_999,

Thanks for your details, we are investigating the issue and will get back to you.


@donzpaul @victor_999 @tommy
Hi the audio issue is related to high cpu usage. when sharing screen is really turns bad.
in our events aprox 30% of users have this issue because of their computer specs
if tooo high.

Thanks for the info @JuanLopez! :slight_smile:

We are investigating the issue and will get back to you.


Thank you.
My issue is only on smartphones, not web browsers on Computers.

Thanks for the additional info @donzpaul!


My users experience the same issue. Lagging and tinniness on many devices - the primary ones where it seems to be a problem are windows machines.

I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be the #1 priority for the websdk.

Without decent consistent quality none of the other features matter. (I’m saying this as a pro customer who is losing patience and preparing to jump ship if this isn’t resolved pretty quickly.)

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Hey @ZoomFan,

Thanks for letting us know and for your patience. We are actively working on this issue and will fix it as soon as we can.


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These resources are fundamental for a tool where audio and video are the main elements, these bugs are generating many reputation problems, with the recommendation of users to change platforms

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+1 for @ZoomFan remark.

Stop bullshitting us all the time by saying you’re working on it. It’s been 6 months i’m using Zoom on production now, with more or less 8 different releases of the web SDK and none has been able to provide stable services and performances when it comes to audio and video, which are the basic and core of online meeting services isn’t it ?

Instead of introducing tons of features & things we don’t care, please focus on CPU usage and connectivity (second top problem reported by users)

Hi @nvivot,

We understand your frustration with the current issues with our WebSDK, I can assure you that we have prioritize these issues and are working on resolving them as soon as we can. Since the WebSDK is built using WebAssembly, most of the features and issues are dependent on Web Assembly functionality being introduced within browser vendors.

For instance, the High CPU usage issue is dependent on Chrome releasing the WebAssembly SIMD feature for Chrome 84 on July 14th. This helps drastically reduce the CPU usage for meetings. We are still performing internal testing to make sure the SIMD feature meets Zooms standard, once we’re finish testing we will release a new version.
The same is similar to features such as 720p, Gallery View etc…

Also, a friendly reminder that we strive to provide a community experience that is welcoming to everyone. Please make sure to follow our guidelines which states that titles, posts, links, etc, should not be offensive & should be safe for “family and friends”.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hi @Michael_Purnell and @tommy

It’s good to have you guys here to hear us !

Is there any workaround or recommendation to improve this audio quality On PC or cell phone?

I would like to be informed when it is resolved

Hey @Marcelo,

Are you referring to the audio on the Web SDK when using a mobile device?


@Michael_Purnell @tommy any CLEAR updates on the audio problems while sharescene using Web SDK and Google Chrome ?


Hey @salem,

We do have audio enhancements shipping with version 1.8.0:


Hi @tommy,

Facing this audio break issue in Web SDK 1.8.0.

Thanks for letting us know @karthikeyan.ramaraj.

We are working to improve the audio.


Hi Michael,

No offense but with 1.8.0 and SIMD activated we have not notice a single improvement regarding CPU usage, or audio quality or video quality.
At the contrary, the 1.8.0 brought new breaking changes and few bugs.

What kind of improvements are we suppose to observe ?
Did you run your tests on machine populations and if so could we have access to these tests + results ? That would help a lot to lead our own tests in the good direction.

Thank you.