Basic Free accounts require password for previously scheduled meetings on May 9

In this recent blog post, Basic Free accounts will “require a password for all meetings , including new meetings, previously scheduled meetings, and those using PMI”.

What happens to the meetings that were previously scheduled? Will they have a default password created for that meeting?

Hey @tony.wu,

Yes, they will have a default password created for that meeting. Please see our developer blog post here:

Call the List Meetings or GET meetings API to obtain the updated password / join_url and store it within your records if needed.


Hi Tommy. I’m responsible for a Zoom integration within our software. Do we have more detailed info on the specific time that these changes are going to roll out? We’re going to need to run a script using the method you mention (GET meetings API) to make sure we’ve got parity, so we’d like to run it promptly once the passwords have been generated for previous meetings.

Hey @tkendrick,

You can check here for the latest timelines:

" These changes will take effect on May 9th, 2020 for all free/basic accounts. The strategy for Pro, API, Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts is being evaluated. (It was previously stated as taking effect on May 30th, 2020. Based on customer feedback we have decided to delay this and re-evaluate.)"