I can join meetings without a password

On https://medium.com/zoom-developer-blog/required-passwords-and-your-zoom-integration-1c02828c5e68 it says:

Meetings that were scheduled previously and did not have a password will now require a password to join. A host can launch a meeting using the start_url but attendees cannot join a meeting using the join_url without a password.

I still can still join previously scheduled meetings without a password.

Will the requirement of passwords still come? If not now, when will it be activated?

+1. We spent quite some time preparing for the change, but nothing happened. We’d like to hear if the new change is cancelled, postponed, or what? If it’s postponed, we’d like to know the new date.

Hey @stephane.lux, @konstantin.geyst,

The new change has been postponed to allow everyone more time for development work.

The blog post has been updated to say:

To align with Zoom’s recent announcement pertaining to our 90 day security initiative, we will be requiring all previously scheduled, upcoming, and PMI meetings to require passwords to join meetings & webinars for Basic accounts on May 9th and Paid Accounts tentatively by July 15th .


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