"Basic" license and "meeting_capacity" limits


Clarify, please, that the maximum number of participants can join a meeting scheduled by user without “License”.

My App Type — JWT

Endpoint — https://***.zoom.us/profile

Additional context

  1. “Meeting - Capacity” - up to 100 with free license https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005474943-Meeting-and-Webinar-Comparison

  2. up 100 https://zoom.us/pricing

    But in my profile “Basic” capacity is 200.

:star_struck: Perfect for me:

  1. duration less then 40 minuts
  2. and 100 < participants count < 200

Is it possible under “Basic” plan? ( Yes / No )

Hey @a.koval,

It looks like you do have a special 200 meeting capacity. :slight_smile:


It is feature? :thinking:
Perhaps it Enterprise plan)
and I may not worry that my “Basic” user have capacity 200 (Yes?)

case for a user:
1-set License, set meeting_capacity = 200
2-unset License (rollback to Basic)
result: user “Basic” with capacity = 200 (not default 100)

Hey @a.koval,

Thanks for pointing this out. As this is more of a billing question / scenario, please contact support.zoom.us.