Restrictions Create Meeting API - Basic Account

What are the basic account restrictions?

  1. Create Meeting API(POST/users/{userId}/meetings
    a. Daily meeting create/update requests
    → Is this a common limitation for Basic / Pro / Business plans?
    b. Participation limit
    → Is there a limit of 100 members to attend meetings created by a Basic account?
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    c. Call time limit
    → Is the time limit for meetings created by a Basic account 40 minutes?
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  2. Rate limits
    What is the rate limit for Basic account?
    → Are all plans(Light, Medium, Heavy Account) same limit?(1 request per second)
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  3. Zoom Client SDKs
    Are there any restrictions on Start / Join Meeting for Basic Account?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @taiki.shiino,

Good questions—happy to clarify.

  1. You can create/modify/delete up to 100 meetings per user, per day. This limit applies to all Zoom Accounts, regardless of plan. Participants are limited on Basic accounts. You will also be limited to 40 minutes for group meetings. A Pro or higher license would remove this limitation.

  2. Basic accounts’ rate limits are not published, but would be closer to the limits for Pro accounts (slightly less)

  3. There are no restrictions on starting or joining a basic meeting, but the duration and participant limits would apply.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

Hello Will,

Thanks for the reply.
Does that mean that 「100 people can participate」?

Participants are limited on Basic accounts.


That’s correct @taiki.shiino :slight_smile:

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