ISV Partner issues

Hi ,

Would you please give some advice on below questions?

  1. We build a windows client via ZOOM API and SDK. Should this client must join in Marketplace or join ISV Partner before this client go to production ?

  2. If not become Zoom two kinds of partnership, this client is run as test version, is it right ? What’s difference between test version and partnership version ?

  3. Besides custCreate , is there any other methods need ISV plan ?

  4. “ISV Partner Program - $2,500 Monthly Based on a per minute/per participant billing model (50,000 included minutes)”
    Does participant meant host or a meeting member ? Does 50000 minutes should be used within one month ? Is there are any other ISV billing model ?

Thank you a lot!

Hey @arrayxs,

Only OAuth and Chatbot apps that you want to have users outside of your Zoom account install need to be published to the marketplace.

Not sure what you are referring to. Can you please clarify?

Nope, unless you want to whitelist Zoom.

For specifics on pricing, please reach out to


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