Need guidence to enable custCreate option to my account

Hello Team Zoom
I am a developer and we have an organization which provides a platform that allow a content creator user to create courses and each content creator have their users who buy their courses
So now we want to enable meeting for each content creator and their users with single zoom account, so as per my knowledge we can use custCreate option in zoom’ s User API where they can’t notified for zoom account creation and also not able to login in zoom portal. but they can host and join meeting, and main thing we don’t need that email confirmation from users if we use custCreate.

Am i right ? if Yes then i want exactly Like this

I have a pro license account and my question is what exact steps i have to follow or purchase anything to enable this custCreate option in zoom User API in my Account?



You will need an ISV account instead of a Pro Account.
To sign up for an ISV account, you will need to contact the ISV team here