Black screen in host view

I used zoommeetingsdk version 3.5.2
in host I used components view
in client I used client view

When the client join meeting. In host view is showing black screen from client. Audio ok but no video from client. Although client turn on camera and see itself

the situation in client used Oppo devices and join meeting. Not happens on Iphone devices

Can anyone there help me for this issue
Its happen when client join zoom with Oppo device

Zoom Meeting SDK 3.5.2 - Black Screen Issue (Oppo Devices)

Problem: Host sees black screen for client video in Zoom meeting using components view (host) and client view (client) with ZoomMeetingsSDK v3.5.2. Audio works fine. Issue occurs on Oppo devices but not iPhones.

Possible Causes
SDK Version: While unlikely, there could be a bug specific to Oppo devices in v3.5.2.
Oppo Permissions:Client app might lack necessary permissions to access the camera on Oppo devices.
Oppo Camera App Conflict:Conflicting camera app on Oppo devices might interfere.


  1. Upgrade ZoomMeetingsSDK: Consider upgrading to a newer version (check Zoom documentation for compatibility) to see if the issue is resolved.
  2. Check Oppo Permissions: Ensure the client app has camera permissions granted on Oppo devices. Guide users through app settings if needed.
  3. Test Different Camera Apps: Ask clients on Oppo devices to try using a different camera app within the Zoom meeting to see if it resolves the black screen.

Short Answer:

  • Upgrade ZoomMeetingsSDK (if possible).
  • Verify camera permissions on Oppo devices.
  • Test alternative camera apps on Oppo devices.


  • Report the issue to Zoom developer support if none of these solutions work. They might be able to provide further guidance or identify a specific issue with v3.5.2.
  • Search Zoom developer forums for similar issues with Oppo devices. Other developers might have encountered this and found a workaround.
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thanks for reply.
But my issue still here
This is screen host:

and my client turn on camera on Oppo

host cant see video from Oppo