Black tile issue( Not able to see users video)

We are using Zoom meeting SDK version 5.15.5.
whenever people join/leave from the meeting, other users video is becoming black.
Until new person joins/leave from the meet, that person video is not visible ( it is in black tile).
Is this Video rendering problem?

Hi @umaamu43
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you please confirm if you are able to replicate this behavior using our sample app?

We are using android meeting SDK with version 5.15.5

Thanks for getting back to me @umaamu43
could you please update to the latest version 5.15.12

what is the reason for getting black tile instead of user video?

Until another user joins/leaves in the call that black tile will stay as it is.

I have never seen this behavior while using our sample app @umaamu43
Have you been able to test with the sample app I shared?

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