V2 api /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants do not return email address


When we fetch list of meeting participants using VS api /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants endpoint, It doesn’t return email address of participants in user_email field of JSON.

But if I pull report by login into my zoom account at https://zoom.us/account/report/regmeeting the CSV file shows email addresses.

is it API error? Please check API response with CSV file side by side in following screenshot



No problem when I use it, can you call it again using anther meetingId? If still exist problems ,please provide your using process


Yes, tried with 3 different Meeting IDs. Same issue in all

Hi John

Please provide your Meeting IDs

Here are two meeting Ids



Hi John

This feature needs to join meeting with the lastest client,and after January 14, this feature is supported.

So before January 14 meeting, some email addresses are empty when calling api /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

I am wondering how can it show the email address in report CSV file exported from zoom.us my account Report section? while for the same meeting the API is not responding out the email addresses? In my screenshot above I have compared them side by side.

are you using different database for API and Web?

Your screenshot above,the user emai in CSV is always recorded and obtained ,because it is registration report,but the  api /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants is used to obtain actual participants in this meeting.The data from these two sources is different,So the data may be different.

In the before January 14 client ,when user join a meeting which required register,the user email may not be record with out login in,but later versions will be recorded at any time.


We use the latest windows client application (v 4.4) but don’t see emails for all users in report (on both UI and Api side). The meeting host is Pro user and another user has basic account. We join both users by getting Api links. Meeting does not require registration. Please explain what we need to do for admin/owner to see users’ emails in report.

Thank you.

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

What is the meeting ID that you used? From there we can take a closer look.


160-377-625 , there were two persons in the meeting.
I see email for Host but don’t see email for participant.

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

It looks like the two attendees are from the same user, they have to be two unique users. Usually thats the reason why the emails are not showing or other errors when participants don’t show in the API.


No, those are different users with different emails 100%.
You can check another meeting 575-064-950

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

Thank you for your patience, after further investigating, the reason why some of the participants emails are not showing up is because they’re not signed in when they join the meeting.


Hi @michael_p.zoom.
What do you mean saying “not signed in”? How does zoom client know participant’s name then? Both host and participant were joining meeting the same way, through browser link with personal API zpk token. They both then were able to access their zoom accounts in browser, so at least in browser they were authenticated correctly.

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

A common scenario is that a user can join a meeting without signing by just clicking the “Join a Meeting” button then typing in the meeting number within the client. By doing so they will be treated as a guest and the user_email will be blank in the report.