Bookly Oauth Integration - Invalid Redirect URL

I am in the Online Meetings tab in Bookly settings. I intend to link my Zoom Oauth app to Bookly. I have already created it. I have entered my Oauth ID and Secret credentials. When I click to connect OAuth, it brings me to a Zoom page showing “invalid redirect:” and a URL. What is wrong?

Hi @Michael_Keaveney
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom developer forum and welcome to our community,
could you please share with me a link to the Bookly documentation so I can take a look at how this integration has to be set up… As we are not the developers of said integration, I do not know what the issue could be.

My first thought would be that you should make sure to add the redirect URL to the Zoom Redirect URL for OAuth and also to the Oauth allow list.

Hope this helps,

Hi Elisa,
Thank you for the response. I figured out the issue; it was an invalid redirect URL as I was attempting to link a server-to-server Oauth app rather than a regular Oauth app.
I went on and created an Oauth app, then made sure the redirect URL was there on the Allow List too, then matched it with the URL on the last tab of the setup and it worked.
If anything, I think the distinction between Oauth server-to-server and Oauth apps could be defined more clearly. I’m not technical, so it could be explained in a way a child would understand.
I appreciate your response.

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Hi @Michael_Keaveney,
I am happy to hear that you were able to troubleshoot this on your end.
Thank you for your feedback and will keep this in mind :slight_smile:

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